Remembering Memher Musa Aron – By Aziza Awate 1/31/2015

The Reverend Musa Aron, affectionately known as “Memher”, was a well loved and respected educator and school principal.  He served as a teacher and principal of the Evangelical School of Asmara for many years. Later in life he was ordained as a Lutheran minister and served the Evangelical Church of Eritrea and many Eritreans in the diaspora.

As one of his great admirers, allow me, to share with you some of the accomplishments of this successful scholar, author, and “linguistics expert”, the Late Reverend Memhir Musa Aron; a man who has contributed a lot as  an author and linguistic expert, in Eritrean Literature, of the Tigre and Tigrinya Languages. Memher Musa made a considerable contribution in literary development and advancement in the Tigre and Tigrinya languages.

He authored many books in Tigre and Tigrinya which include: Arki Tamhari, Warkaha and Embafrash in Tigrinya.  He also translated Robinson Crusoe from English to Tigrinya and lately, he authored dictionary of Tigre names and another book called Meras in Tigre.  These are some of the books that come to my mind and there might be more. I invite you to read the work of one of our own very gifted scholars.  Rev. Memhir Musa Aron departed from this world naturally in Asmara on September 11, 2011. This unique author was admired not only by his own people but also by the international community as well.

Rev. Memher Musa Aron’s writing was full of wisdom and throughout all of his writings he used very insightful research and thoughtful elaborations to reveal the untold culture of the Eritrean society.

More to his credit other authors and news channels described Rev. Memhir Musa Aron, as “An Inspiring and masterful teacher, refreshing and talented historian, informed and thoughtful critic of his time”.

Others who enjoyed reading his books and who appreciated his talents and gifts said “As he is meticulous scholar Mr. Musa Aaron was a dedicated teacher of the soul, and faithful guardian of the grammatical order of Tigrinya and Tigre languages where he embodies a passionate and sensitive understanding of his past in a complex simplicity that continues the story telling tradition of passing the old tales and the old memories down through the generations”.

I myself personally had the chance and the privilege to know him more in the diaspora and after the productive establishment of the Eritrean Evangelical Lutheran Mission Society – North America in the late 80’s. In some of those annual meetings, we all enjoyed his presentations, his teachings, and knowledge. He led us with humility and an outstanding quality and pressed us all to know where we came from. One of his known traits & qualities were sharing knowledge, and indeed he shared so many things pertaining to history, culture and beliefs with us.

Rev. Memher Musa was a very talented educator, author, linguistic expert, and a national and international icon. He was equipped with very impressive body of knowledge. He was a socially responsible artist with his writings, especially with the advancement of the literature of the Eritrean languages of Tigre and Tigrinya. More to his credit, he was multilingual which included a good mastery of the English language. His legacy and his contribution to our society will live on forever. To us, for the Eritrean people and mainly for the Mensa people at home and abroad he was an inspiring man who was a mentor and a powerful resource through his so many gifts of writing, teaching, and exploring the issues and trends when it came to seeking further knowledge and finding the  meaning of our rich tradition.

In summary I hope our young generation can acquaint themselves and learn more about this icon in details and share their impressions about this scholar with the rest of the membership. Together let us keep burning the lamp of hope, education and knowledge.



  1. I have some vague memory on one of his book Warkaha, I like to read all of his books, particular Warkaha and Embafrash, Is there anyone have info on how to get on hold of those books?

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