Audio by Martha Gebres Stifanos dedicated to her late father Gebres Stifanos. August 29, 2021

ዝያረት ሕልምዬ ዲብ ዐድ ወርሕ -My dream of pilgrimage to the moon – እብ ሙሴ በኪት 4/22/2020

ህታታ ማ ኢ-ህታ ማ – ሕታ እብ ሙሴ በኪት (ናይ ትግሬ ሕለት) 7/19/2019

ስርዕ ዎኣስራዓት ( ስርዕ ዎ ዐዋዲ) audio by Mussie Bekit 4/25/2019

Remembering Giliazghi Kifle Bareh Bio and Poem by Mussie Bekit March 2019

Short bio of Giliazghi Kifle Bareh read by Mussie Bekit

Tigre poem dedicated to Giliazghi Kifle Bareh by Mussie Bekit

ኣያ ኣብራሃ ዳምር Tigre poem dedicated to Mr. Abraha Damir by Mussie Bekit 02/06/2019

ሩከት ወለት ድወዳ Tigre audio poem based on a true story by Mussie Bekit 02/06/2019

Tigre poems by Mussie Bekit 2/5/2019

Audio poem by Woldeselassie Tesfai Omer dedicated to the Tigre language 3/7/2018

Audio Interview about Grazmach Lijam Ishaq – Tigre

ሙሴ፡ በኪት Poems with Audio

Mussie Bekit Poem to a Friend  ወድ፡ ዕሉም፡ ተስፋጨን፡ እብ፡ ሙሴ፡ በኪት  



Mussie Bekit Poem   ሂጋ፡ ትግረ፡ ምን፡ ሙሴ፡ በኪት 


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