About Us

Klot Wlad Haiget in North America (KWHNA) is a a non-profit cooperate association of Mensae people of Eritrea.

The mission of the Corporation is to uphold the language, customs, traditions, and cultural heritage of the Mensae people, as well as to reach out to the communities and empower the youth, in-order to get more involvement in the studying and preserving the values of the Mensae people by creating an effective and powerful network.

In addition to the general purposes as stated in the By-law, the association will work in creating efficient networking in sharing information on education and job opportunities for the youth in particular and all its members in general. In its long term goal, the association will donate limited funds for burial and funeral expenses to member of the survivors upon the death of a member.

The association does not engage in any political or religious activities or affiliate itself with any political or religious organizations and, as a result, does not allow its members to entertain any political or religious activities within the association.

At this time as stated in the By-law membership is open to all descendants and relatives of the Klot Mensae residing in North America, for more information Contact KWHNA.