Collaboration – By Aziza Awate 3/21/2015

The definition of collaboration according to The Free Dictionary by Farlex (on line), it means working together, especially in a joint intellectual effort. A broader definition would include teamwork, partnership, association, cooperation and healthy relationships. In any association there are many layers and behaviors that lead to a healthy path and to heathy communication: collaboration, dialogue, and understanding among those who lead and those who are to be led. Those who lead are leaders who have great strength and are able to reach out and influence others in a positive way. Good leaders have good listening skills, have a clear mission and vision for the people who they lead and they are working towards measurable outcomes, and their goal is to build a productive community that do greater things for the greater good. How about the people that are being led? They participate, they are also action goal oriented, and they work side by side with the leaders to try to empower the community as a whole to make it to come together, to stand tall and steady, and to bear good fruit that benefits the common good.

How does this apply to our association of the KWH group? At the very beginning of its creation this association was defined and perceived as nonpolitical, and the group distance themselves from any influence of social, religion and other action that might lead to this kind of stand. Besides, the definition and the action is defined as this group is more about philanthropy than anything else. Hence in the by-laws, the mission of the association reads as a such “Apart from the above mentioned objectives and spirit the association of the ‘Kilot Welad Haiget is free from any form of  social, political or religion pressure or influence whatsoever and it strongly affirms that it does not entertain such pleasure and influences. This is a clearly defined mission.

Our association is not that old. Its existence is barely 3 years old. But the influence, for reaching out for support, for philanthropic activities, for comforting mourners and for lending a hand during crucial time and uncertainty, shows the actions that have been taken so far. The association is living and breathing according to the vison and the mission of its by-laws. The leaders are well acquainted with the members who they serve. The members are very trustworthy, respectful and open minded. All the members respect their peers and they try to acknowledge the excellent work of the leaders and encourage the young adult to join and participate and try to identify ways on how to farther improve the organization.  As a member I have a privilege to compare this association with other similar entities but the reality is that this group has shown results. In conclusion, while it’s true that we have room to grow and improvements to make, we are still going strong. Together, we are the builders of our beloved community, and yes we have the will and the ambition to open our eyes and minds to learn from each other and to make a difference. As members of this vital entity we ought to claim accountability, responsibility, and first and foremost our intention is to connect with each other on a deeper level of humanity that is bounded with compassion and kindness.

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