A Tribute to Unsung Hero By Gherezgher Bekit 11/02/2020

A Tribute to Unsung Hero

By Gherezgher Bekit


Poem Prelude:  “An unsung hero” maybe described as a person who has done great things for his/her community, has asked nothing in return, and yet not celebrated or recognized. This is the person who works hard behind the scenes, without notice,  and commits acts of kindness and courage. As the English adage goes, “Behind every successful man there is a successful woman.” Thus,  I  chose mother and sister Etye Metemet Ishaq Bimnet, the wife of the late General Zeremariam Azzazi, as unsung hero for she fits well into this category. I am certain people who know her wisdom, tenderness and valor could not agree more. In a nutshell, she tacitly advocated for and came to the rescue of many innocent Eritreans who were unjustly detained behind bars by the Ethiopian troops in Eritrea during the occupation. I am a living witness to corroborate her contribution as I was one of those victims myself. I would describe Etye Metemet as a soft-spoken person accentuated with serenity and benignity. I have dedicated below short Tigre poem as a tribute that speaks of her act of kindness.

 መርሓባ ሓይሰት ዎሕሽምት እትዬ መተመት እም ጼዋ ቤት ጀነራል ዘርእማርያም ኣዛዚ

መርሓባ ሓይሰት ዎሕሽምት እትዬ: መተመት

ወለት እሽሃቅ ወድ ብእምነት

ጸዓዳ ወለት ወለት ገብሻ ሓበን ሃይገት

በዓል ኤማን እንቲ ዳፍኤት

በዓል ከሃላት እንቲ ዎሰብር

እግል ኣዳምኪ ሕጌ ጽግዕ ደብር

ሓጥጥ ቆልኪ ሂጋ መባልስኪ ፍክር

ታክያት ዓድ እንቲ ወጅህና ዎማዓርግ

ኣዳምኪ ከደምኪ እምበል ፍርጋ ዎፍርግ

ሓምዴ ኖስ ኣለብኪ ሰኒ ፋልቱ ድራራ

ወለት ምስማር ምድር ላእሙር ኣሰራ

መንዝልኪ ኣስመራ ምልእት ኤርትራ

ቅርድኪ ገለብ ምሕላብ ዎምራራ

ሽዕበት እንቲ ከድረት ዲብ ክረም ልግባእ ዎሓጋይ

ክርንኪ ኣስሚዒና እግል ኢልጫንቤ ላሞዳይ

ሓበንና እንቲ ጽላልና ዎሰርጎና

ደዓ እንወደ ዲብ ረቢ እግል ልሕፈዘኪ እልና።

*ከድረት= (ዓረት ዓረቲት) Meadow

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  1. Dear Dr. Nardos,
    We are humbled by your kind comments and appreciation. We thank you so much for the words of encouragement. We believe everyone of us has a story to tell, a small or big, about our elders. The story belongs to all of us and, at the end, it makes us all proud.

    Mussie & Gherezgher

  2. Dear Gherezgher, let me join my family to extend my heartfelt appreciation to you and Governor Mussie Bekit. We are so lucky to call you both ours! It is always an honor to learn from you and your dedication to our community is beyond measure. Your poem titled “an unsung hero” is very touching. My heart was beating with joy when you read it during our teleconference meeting. Thank you so much for recognizing our beloved auntie Metemet with such a beautiful poem, a well- deserved recognition indeed!

    With much love,

    Nardos Lijam

  3. Dear Tsega, Timnit, Adiam & Aklilu,

    Thank you so much. Mussie & I sincerly appreciate your kind words and encouragement. What we did is a token of appreciation and a tip of the iceberg for Etye Metemet for who she really is and has been. We need to cherish, adore and celebrate the treasures in our midst while we can.

    Mussie & Gherezgher

  4. Dear Gerezgher Bekit
    Thank you for this beautiful tribute! My aunt, Metemet Isaac, is all you described and more. Always there when you need her. She would listen to you, and cares to what you have to say, either you are young or old in age. She is full of wisdom and truly a great, humble, and kind person. She’s always been beautiful inside and out. It’s her nature, there is no other way to describe her. We are so lucky to have her and call her Haltit (dearest aunt).
    While we all know how great of a woman she is, this tribute is a beautiful reminder of the jewel we have at hand; and Gerezgher, I can’t thank you enough for that. Thank you for reminding us of the greatness we come from and how much there is to love about her.
    Mebrak Yebetit

  5. Dear Gherezgher Hawey!
    Simply, great work! This is just a beautiful and fitting poem written on behalf of our aunt Metemet Ishaq. Please keep up the good work and talent you have. It is with big gratitude that I would like to mention yours as well as Ayana Musie Bekit great works and contributions to date in enlightening us with the history of our country, community and the role of prominent individuals such as Amoy Metemet. As you have described her very well Amoy is very strong woman, resilient fighter, a kind Eritrean mother who always stands for her children and her rights. Hopefully with your help we can try to widen what you started and write a short history/biography on Amoy Metemet both in Tigre and Tigriyina. Once again thank you Gerezgher for the poem and Musie for the audio version!!

    Thank you,
    Aklilu Lijam

  6. Dear Mr. Bekit, Thank you so much for the beautiful tribute to my mum, I love the Tigre poem. We really appreciate it. We are lucky to have a mum like her, she is the best mum in the world. As you described her well, she is indeed a very loving and caring person. Growing up with that kind of love and support made such a difference in my life; it made me who I am today.
    Adiam Algra
    London, England

  7. “ስምካ ትትወቀል ገረዝጊሄር በኪት” ሰላም ክቡር ሓው ገረዝጊሄር : ኣቐዲመ በዚ ንክብርቲ ኣዴና መተመት ዝጸሓፍካላ ኣዝዩ ጥዑምን ምቕሉልን ግጥሚን : ዝተጠቐምካሉ ምሩጽ ቃላትን ኣድናቖተይን ምስጋናይን ክገልጸልካ እፈቱ። “ናታ ሂብካያ”። መተመት እሽሐቕ : ንወረን ንጃህራን ዘይኮነስ ንሕልናኣ ትነብር፣ ኣደ ኹሉ : ሓጋዚትን ሓብሓቢትን… ስድራቤታን ፈለጥታን ኢያ። ኩርዓትናን ሓበናን ዓንዲ ማእከልናን ኢኺ፣ ዕድመን ጥዕናን እምነየልኪ ማሚና!!
    ትምኒት ይበቲት

  8. Dear brother and friend Isaac Temnewo,

    I am so elated to hear from you, my dear brother. It’s my great pleasure and honor to share a couple of lines with the rest of the world to express Etye Metemet’s kindness and caring attitude.

    I always remember and cherish the good times we had as brothers and friends. Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it.

    Gherezgher Bekit

  9. Dear Gerezgher Bekit,
    What a beautiful tribute! I would like to second Isaac Temnewo, to thank you for your kind and humbling words. You have expressed your admiration for Metemet Isaac during our numerous conversations and now you summed it up pleasantly. We are immensely grateful for your generous remarks of accolade. I have no doubt that your revelation of this “unsung heroine” is shared by many. Truly, the qualities of her characteristics, her integrity, her kindness, her empathy are those of a true leader, and to quote an expression you used to describe her once “…she is the general in her own rights”, yet one that prefers not to be acclaimed nor recognized. We are so proud to call this woman our mother, our life teacher, our inspiration.
    Thank you Gerezgher for your poetic description and Mussie for your artistic audio.
    Tsega Z.

  10. Dear brother Gherezghiher Bekit,
    Hereby I want to let you know my appreciation about the truth you have brought forward about my dear aunt Metemet Isaac. Indeed, you described her very well. She is big hearted, humble, and very strong. She always has been the advocate of the weak, and always acted in fairness. My aunt is everything you wrote and beyond. She has been a caring mother figure to everyone and an inspiration to the family and anyone who have known her closely.
    Dear brother I would like to deeply thank you for your initiative to bring forth my dear aunt’s truth. I’m proud of you and proud of what all are doing with KWH. And thank you Mussie for the audio, I enjoyed it so much.
    Isaac Temnewo
    Amsterdam, Holland

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