Recognizing one of our own by Aziza Awate

Recognizing one of our own

By Aziza Awate


To the KWHNA Members,
Hi all, what a bunch of outstanding pillars that we have in this KWH group. You all have all of my respect which includes all the participating members too. That been said, I have been away from home for a while and during that time, I didn’t realize of how many of the good things that I have been missing; to mention a few, so many fun entertainments, poetries, and educational materials were launched into our web site that deeply enrich the soul and the mind of our KWH members. How incredible! This kind of posts are very clear and concise yet written in the language that we all understand and master. In this group of the KWH, we have so many educated, efficient, talented and gifted iconic figures whom always are willing to go the extra mile to share their knowledge in order to enhance this web site’s page in different positive ways that benefits us all. Besides, I really admire the well-organized plans, and the humility that goes with it. It is a blessing to have such dedicated public servants. If I have to mention specific names, I am sure I might forget to mention some names that deserve big applause in the process. However, if you’ll allow me, to pick one very distinguished member, I would like to applaud and salute Mr. Mussie Bekit (Wad Arba) for the relentless hard work, for your outstanding service and commitment, your experience, the gentle tone of communication, all of your collaborations/interventions and your very impressive writing. Did I mention that, your dedication and outreach, your relationships, inclusiveness and interactions with all the members- all young and old are very admirable!!! More to your credit: your poems, skillful writing and your way of the story telling are unique and it always draws everyone’s attention. Indeed, you are one of our precious assists. It is a blessing to have such a very dedicated public servant. Thank you. Hats off to you sir!!! Keep up the good work!!!

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  1. ካብረት :ሕቼ : ጸጋ :ዎ :ካብረት :ወለቼ :ዐዚዛ :: ምን ” ዒን ” ልብክን :ላፋግራ :ጥዑም :ቃላት :ሓምዴ ኣስቡሕ :ክም :ቃናጽኮ :እቡ :ኣጽባሓኮ 🙁 በሀለት ሰልፍ ክሉ :ዎክ :ቀደም :ክሉ :ረኤክዎ ) ኣና :ኣመል :ክቱብ ሰበት :ብዬ :ቱ :ዲኢኮን :ምን :ውላድ :ዎ :ኣዋልድ ማሕበር :ዝያዳ :ኣምር :ኣለብዬ:: ላሊ :ዎ :ኣምዕል :ዲብ ቃልብዬ :ዎልብዬ :ሰበት :ሀለኩም :እግልሚ :እብ :ክቱብ :ኢእትሃጀኮም :ላሓውዬ :ሓዋቼ :ውላድጄ :ዎ ኣዋልጄ :እብላ :ልብል :ንሕ :ለትቃደረተኒ :ሓናጥጥ :ዎ :ጣቃም :እብል :ሀለኮ:: ላጥዑም :ቃላትክን :ምንማ ከብድ :እቼ :እታ :ንዬቼ :ዎ :ዕምርዬ : ገሌ :ክም :ዋሳካ ላናይ :ደም :ነፍሼ ( ደሜ ነፍስ) ( Instinct) :ተስእለኒ :ሀለት :: ” ለኢትከተበት ኢትረከበት” እግል :ናኣምሮ :ዎክ እግል :ንፍቃዶ :ለወጅብ :ከቲቡ :ሰኒቱ :: ዐዚዛ :ዎ :ጸጋ ኬርክን ልብዛሕ :: ረቢ :ረዪም :ጥውል :ዕምር :ለሀበክን :: ረቢ :ምን :ቅዶ :ዎ :ዓዶ :ልሕጀበክን :: ምስል :ኒዚድ : ዎ :ንሒስ::
    ሙሴ በኪት

  2. Aziza you read our minds and hearts. What a heartfelt and distinctive description. Indeed Mussie kept the many facets of our culture very alive. Through the usage of his melodious Tigre language vocabularies he brought back so many beautiful memories to many and helped many of us savor it through his description. To your many praises I would add a very dignified and poised leader. Mussie indeed set the leadership bar high.

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