Remembering Giliazghi Bareh March 13, 2019

A Life Cut Too Short Too Soon:

Recognizing Gilia’s Services

We have taken the liberty of writing this short memo in recognition of Gilia’s services to our association. As you all know by now, after battling illness with courage, Gilia left us this week too soon. He was a man with a great character, respectful, kind, considerate and polite. People who crossed paths with Gilia know that he was one of those people you can’t help but love them. The purpose of this short note is to acknowledge and recognize Gilia’s great services and contribution to our organization.

Gilia served our association with commitment and integrity as a Co-Auditor for two consecutive terms, a total of four years. As a Co-Auditor, he performed his duties faithfully and beyond. Therefore, we are very grateful and appreciative for his wonderful services.

We are aware that many of you have been checking on him to see how he was doing. One of the many purposes of our organization is to periodically check on each other, especially those members who are bedridden, when situation permits. As much as we love to check on them, however, we sometimes feel that we should provide them the space and privacy they need.

We fully understand words alone may not provide comfort and solace to his family, but Gilia will be greatly missed and fondly remembered for his name and actions are in our hearts and archives.

This maybe an opportunity for those wishing to share fond memories of Gilia in the comment section.

Thank you,

On behalf of KWH Association

Shimagele Mahber KWH

ኣብርክቶ ግልያ ሓውና ንማሕበር ክልኦት ውላድ ሃይገት

ከምቲ እትፈልጥዎ፡ ድሕሪ ናይ ሓጺር ሕማም፡ ሓውና ግልያ ኣብዝሓለፈ ሰሙን ኣብ ንኡስ ዕድሜኡ ሓሊፉ። ግልያ ኣኽባሪ ሰብ፣ለዋህ፡ትሑትን ምቕሉልን ነሩ። ዓላማ ናይዛ ሓጻር ጽሕፍቲ ግና፡ ግልያ ንማሕበር ክልኦት ውላድ ሃይገት ዝወፈዮ ዕዙዝ ኣብርክቶ ንምጥቃስ እዩ። ግልያ ንማሕበርና ብተወፋይነትን ተኣማንነትን ን4 (ኣርባዕተ) ዓመት ኣኻታቲሉ፡ብዘይምቑራጽ ከም ተቖጻጻሪ ሰነዳት ማሕበር ኣገልጊሉ። ከም ናይ ማሕበር ሰነዳት ተቖጻጻሪ፡ግልያ ኩሉ ጸብጻባት ማሕበር ብንጥፈትን ጽፉፍ ኣጋባብን ኣቕሪቡ። ስለዚ ስለቲ ንማሕበርና ዝወፈዮ ዕዙዝ ኣብርክቶኡ ብጣዕሚ ነመስግን። ኣብ ግዜ ሕማሙ ሓያሎ ካባታትኩም ኩነታት ጥዕንኡ ንምፍላጥ ደዊልኩም ሃላዋቱ ክተታተሉ ከምዝነበርኩም ንፈልጥ ኢና። ሓደ ካብቲ ዓላማ ማሕበርና ድማ ንኩሎም ጥዕና ዝሰኣኑን ዓራት ዝሓዙን ደቂ ማሕበርና ደሃዮም ምግባር እዩ። ርግጽ እዩ፡ ከምድለትና ኩሉ ግዜ ደዊልና ሃለዋቶም ክንፈልጥ ንደሊ፡ ግን ሓድ-ሓደ ግዜ ስለዝስከፈና እቲ ዘድልዮም ብሕታዊ ግዜ ክንህቦም ንደሊ። ግልያ ሽሙን ስርሑን ኣብ ልብናን ሰነዳት ማሕበርና ሰለዘሎ ኩሉ ግዜ ክንዝክሮ ኢና።

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  1. Gila was a wonderful person. I was the treasurer for the Association during the last two years he served as the co-auditor and had the opportunity of working closely with him. He was a man of dignity, very polite and very easy to get along with. Gilia was very pleasant to talk to and always positive. I was communicating with him via phone calls and later-on through text when I found out of his illness. All this time I never heard him complain even one day, he always kindly stated he was doing better and appreciated the love and support. We all lost a great person. I wish God’s comfort for his family.

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