Poem by Mussie  Bekit dedicated to the love of Tigre language

What would please you ?
2/14/ 18

What would please you ?
A luxurious zuhar * ?
A car of modern marvel?
Or a scent imported from paradise?
If any of this lures your heart,our Tigre
I would take a vow that pairs us for eternity
What stands to measure the depth of your love?
Tigre ; I pose you this question
To adorn you head to toe
To craft you a pair of shoes ; sculpted from gold
To place on you a crown 👑 bedazzled with diamonds
Engraved with the words, ” Happy matrimony !”
All this.. is any of this measure of your fulfillment?
If I played the sweetest sounds with my violin
or spring from within my soul songs of adoration
If my tongue could spill melodies
I still would fall short of what could please the depth of hearts
So, why wait in vain to find the ultimate gift that never exists ?
So I offer you this rose..🌹
Plant it in your heart ❤
Let it cement
and count the eras that expand into infinity

( Tigre responds )

You found the pulse of what fulfills me
I saw your dreams in mine
What good are adorations and gifts ?
When I have the strength in you to vouch for me?
Hand me my rose🌹and let’s elope
Under the gaze of the laws of Haighet ; our forefathers’ customs

*  Zuhar is a Tgrnâ ( Tigrinya ) word for precious stones.

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