By Aziza Awate in response to the Tigre language poem by Mussie Bekit

Tigre: “When I have the strength in you to vouch for me? Under the gaze of the laws of Haighet ; our forefathers’ customs”.

Incredible! What a gift indeed, great talent, and did I mention multilingual. EGEL  HIGA  TIGRE  NAYA  HABKAHA::  HIGYA  ABECH  WO  EBUBOTAT:: The Ge’ez Tigre ( ትግረ ), better known in Eritrea as Tigrayit (ትግራይት):Tigre language is one of the Semitic languages spoken in Eritrea and though some historians claim that “It is the second most spoken language (following Tigrigna) in the country” arguably, Tigre is older than Amharic and Tigrinya, so how in the world is it ranked second  or  as a third compares to other Semitic languages. Indeed, Tigre speakers are widely distributed over the country, from Barka, Habab, Semhar Senhit and Southeast of Keren that includes the middle Anseba region and the two Hayget as far as in Sudan known as Xasa, and in Northeast Africa. The bottom line is for any given language to advance it must be used and maintained. Unfortunately, that is not the case for Tigre. Kadamay  Haray  Wo  Haray  Kadamay:: For Tigre to be reborn and rescued from the verge of distinction one must strive to  preserve books so they don’t end up on old shelves to collect dust. That includes the old and the NEW Testament bible and so many other books that is written in Tigre. It is up to the natives and the speakers of this vital language to save this valuable piece of history to so many of us. Uncle Musa, thank you for your expertise and writing about Tigrayit (ትግራይት). We are very fortunate to have people like you who see the empiric and evidence-based facts from a broad perspective. By doing this you are giving fundamental education to our young Tigre inhabitants too. Hats off to you!!!

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  1. “Tigre is rich in metaphors and very suited for poetry. Together we resurrect our beloved language” I couldn’t agree more.

  2. Dear Aziza, I am honored and humbled by your kind, sweet and very encouraging words. Our treasure, our identity marker Tigre is rich in metaphors and very suited for poetry. Together we resurrect our beloved language.
    Thank you, Aziza weleche. Be blessed .

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