Poem, By Mussie Bekit 04/13/15

Oh Beloved Queen!!!
Your glory is seen
In yellow gold and green
In sky so blue and clean
I wish I could win
To be your twin
To sit beside you as a King
Oh beloved Queen!!!

This poem is dedicated to my niece the late Weizero Nova Shawish; as well as to my sisters the late Weizero Etmet Habtes, the late Weizero Bofta Gelaidos, the late Weizero Zewdi Isaac, and the late Weizero Tecka Gelaidos.
Five of them passed away in the United States.
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  1. A wise and intelligent man think and provide beyond himself. Mr. Mussie Bekit as a boy, young man and adult/matured man think always for the common good of all. “Love all” is his middle name. Personally, I am touched by this poem whom he dedicated to all the late sisters. You are a shining star, Mussie. We are shining too because of your reflection. Thank you!!!


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