Message from Shimagle KWH

Dear brothers and sisters of KWH,

At this time of Thanksgiving is when we pause and reflect on all the blessings we receive every day.  Each day from the time we rise up to the end of our day, we are showered with so much love and blessings from the Universe, albeit we miss to recognize it. We are so engulfed by our daily routines or the ambition to capture the next opportunity and tend to overlook our abundance.

During this Thanksgiving time I invite you all to pause and examine all the blessings you already own beginning from your ability to breath, walk, see, and being surrounded by those who you love and  love you, and be deeply THANKFUL.

May the good things of life, be yours in abundance throughout this season and the year to come.

Our best wishes for a bountiful Thanks Giving day,

Shimagle KWH

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